This is the vision that comes to mind when you see the work of Bridget Conway, principal of Lighthouse Interiors, Inc. Lighthouse Interiors was founded in 1997, operating exclusively with client referrals. Lighthouse Interiors delivered a wide range of projects with styles of coastal, contemporary, traditional and eclectic.


Principal of Lighthouse Interiors, Inc.

When I see an architectural plan or walk into a client’s home for the first time, my mind immediately starts to project images of the rooms transformed into beautiful, uniquely designed, livable spaces. 

A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Bridget has a true passion for every aspect of design – from construction and conceptual drawings to final, finishing touches. She works diligently to create classically elegant spaces that also reflect each client’s personal aesthetic. 


Senior Interior Designer

It is with an artful eye and great attention to detail that I approach the design process. I believe each space should be carefully curated, well thought out, and represent the unique aesthetic of each client. 

Sabrina Wilson specializes in residential, new construction. She has designed over 50 projects within the last 15 years throughout South Florida, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Connecticut. Sabrina graduated from Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, magna cum laude, and continues to exceed client expectations with her incredible eye for elegance and detail. 

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